Meet Our Growers

Sunrise Kiwi Packing: Gridley, CA
Sunrise Kiwi is owned and operated by Jasbir Kullar. Jasbir migrated to the United States of America during the mid 1970's and spent most of his first 15 years in the USA as a migrant farm worker before settling in Northern California. In 1990, he leased an abandoned 4 acre kiwifruit vineyard in Sutter County and quickly developed a passion for the fruit. In 1999, Jasbir decided to take on his own packing and cold storage operation, forming Sunrise Kiwi Packing. Today, Sunrise Kiwi Packing is one of the largest kiwifruit handlers in Northern California and Jasbir has become one of the largest growers in the state. In addition to kiwis, Jasbir has steadily diversified the family farm and also grows sugar plums, fuyu persimmons, almonds, and english walnuts.