FAQ for Buyers

How do I start shopping & buying?
First time buyer’s 6 easy steps to getting started:
  1. Click on Register & Login  
  2. Input your information on Open A New Account 
  3. Select Food Service in the User Group selection 
  4. Submit for approval and wait for a confirmation email from Ag Link, Inc.
  5. Once confirmed, you are ready to start shopping for products!
How many growers are registered?
Online, today we have 20 plus growers and are expanding!
Is there a registration fee?
No, registration is free!
What information should I have before I register?
  • Email Address
  • Contact Name
  • Organization Name
  • Billing Address, City, State, Zip
  • Telephone
  • Preferred method of communication, options: text, email, fax
  • Main ship to address - if different than billing
  • Days and times deliveries are accepted
  • Agree to terms and Conditions
Other items that are optional to add:
  • Central Kitchen – yes/no
  • Number of Sites
  • ADP
  • Fax number
  • Upload a blanket or one time PO
  • Website
  • Alternative contacts
How do I shop for products once my account is approved?
There are a number of ways you can start shopping  
  1.  From the Ag Link home page click on Buy Now 
  2. You can also start with one of the products you see listed under the photo banner
Products are in categories for your shopping convenience:
You will be able to see all products available in the category selected.
Select a product to view details, you are able to select quantities to purchase and calculate your totals.
What can I see on the product detail page?
Product pictures and descriptions
  • Case price
  • Count and weight per case (approximate)
  • Season availability of product 
  • County of origin 
How do I place an order?
  • Enter the quantity of cases you want to buy
  • Select your shipping method - You will be asked to verify your ship to zip code
  • Your totals will change as you change these parameters
  • Once you are satisfied with your order, select “add to cart”
How do I check out?

  1. After items are "added to cart" click on View Cart 
  2. Confirm order items and quantaties, then click next 
  3. Select PO Number if using a pre-approved  PO and enter or enter card information 
  4. Under Notes, put any special orders or delivery instructions
  5. Select desired delivery date and time
  6. Review and Submit order
Once order is placed you will receive an email from Ag Link that your order is received
What happens after I place my order?
You will receive a confirmation email from Ag Link within 24 hours.
When will my order be delivered?
Your order will be delivered per the order details you specified. Ag Link may contact you to confirm any delivery details.
What paperwork comes with the order?
You or your representative will be asked to sign a delivery receipt that also serves as your invoice for payment. Please process it promptly with your accounting office for prompt payment.
What if I receive a product I'm not satisfied with?
Ag Link has a 100% RISK FREE GUARANTEE meaning if you are not satisfied with our products, we'll fully refund the purchase.
What if I have more questions?
Contact us anytime if you have any questions
Ag Link 
Email:   f2s@aglink.com 
Phone:   209-634-8448  
Jana Nairn, Tech Support
Email:   jana@aglink.com    
Jill Morgan, Customer Service
Email:   jill@aglink.com
Tami Ries, Staff Accountant
Email:   tami@aglink.com  
FAQ for Producers

How many buyers are registered?
We have targeted large ‘anchor’ of school districts ranging from Sacramento to Fresno and currently have about a dozen districts, representing over 150,000 meals per day to buy from local producers! We continue to add schools as supply builds regionally.
Is there a registration fee?
No, registration is free!
Contact Ag Link for any questions 
What information should I have to register?
We welcome all product sellers please contact our office for more information 
Ag Link
Phone:   209-634-8448 
Email:   f2s@aglink.com
11360 Santa Fe Drive
Ballico, CA 95303 
What minimum certification is required for Ag Link sellers?

  • Every buyer has different preferences and minimum tolerances
  • More or higher levels of certification correlate to a greater opportunity for sales in this market
What are the terms & conditions?
You will be able to see them in full on the site or you can request a copy in advance 
What if I have more questions?
Contact Ag Link anytime if you have any questions
Ag Link  
Email:   f2s@aglink.com
Phone:   209-634-8448
Jana Narin, Tech Support
Email:    jana@aglink.com
Jill Morgan, Customer Service
Email:    jill@aglink.com
Tami Ries, Staff Accountant
Email:   tami@aglink.com  
We welcome product sellers contact our office for more information.
Ag Link’s mission is to provide a trustworthy online web solutions that links qualified local food producers with qualified local food service organizations that will create healthier meals, increase profits, lower costs, while reducing our carbon footprint.We welcome all product sellers contact out office for more information.